Intellectual Property:

All created artwork by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. remains the intellectual property of Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. Therefore, open files will not be shared with the client but, can be bought for an additional cost if Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. agrees to the sale thereof.


Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd acknowledges that it may receive or have access to information that relates to the Client’s past, present, or future products, vendor lists, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects/proposals, and other proprietary information. Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd agrees to protect the confidentiality of the client’s proprietary information and all physical forms thereof but, Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd will not take liability if such data were to be maliciously exposed.


Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd agrees to produce project materials at the request of the client for fees agreed upon in advance, and delivery of the work by an agreed-upon deadline.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd will be the sole owner of all source material which is part of Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd intellectual property, that is original work, and free of plagiarism.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd will cooperate with the client in editing and otherwise reviewing the work with a set number of revisions before completion and delivery.

Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may, and can use all completed work for portfolio, proposal, and advertising purposes but, not limited to.

The client may not treat Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. as an employee for any reason or purpose, and Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may refuse the completion of the project, and future work from such a client.


Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. will require a 50% deposit of the total project cost before any services are provided and the remaining 50% is to be paid before any artwork, products, items, but not limited to, are delivered, wherever a 50% deposit is applicable, otherwise a 100% deposit could be charged.

A deposit is non-refundable.

Once the Work has been commenced by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. and any part of the client’s project size/quantity changes to a lesser size/quantity than was agreed upon by the client and Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd., the client will be credited accordingly, no refunds will be given.


Both parties understand that the client or Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may terminate the service at any time, for any reason, if the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party.

Upon written cancellation, the client is responsible for payment of all expenses incurred and any work done towards the completion of the project based on the percentage of the project completed that will be determined by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd.

Timetable & Client Responsibilities:

If Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. requests feedback from the client on a project and does not receive any feedback during the course of a full calendar month, this includes weekends and public holidays, Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. will assume the project to be completed regardless of the status of the project.

Feedback coresispondence should be done via email, no other platform will be accepted by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. as a platform for feedback.

Any project should have a reasonable deadline otherwise, Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may refuse to accept the project.

If a project’s deadline changes with short notice, Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may add a “rush” fee to the overall project cost.

If a deadline is not met by the client and it obligates Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. to work outside of the business hours set by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd., an hourly rate for overtime will be billed to the client.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. will not be liable for any deadlines missed by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. due to the client causing impairment to efficient workflow.

Both the client and Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. must abide by the projected timetable outlined in the project milestones unless both parties agree to the changes in the project’s milestones.

Only email correspondence between Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. and the client constitutes “in writing”.

The client is responsible for adhering to all project deadlines set by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd.

Any delays in the project schedule by the client are billable by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. is responsible for informing the client of all deadlines and the billable amount if the deadline is not met due to the client or other parties that are involved in the project.


Any requests for revisions to proposed projects may incur additional billable hours.

If an agreed-upon number of project prototypes is mentioned in the project milestones, the client is entitled to requesting and seeing that number of design prototypes.

Any additional design prototypes requested by the client will incur additional fees for the client.

Once a project is signed-off by the client, any changes thereafter will incur additional costs to the client.

Client Approval:

The client assumes full responsibility for acceptance of work or services performed and agreed upon, as well as final proofing and accuracy.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. is not responsible for errors or omissions.

Sign-off will only be accepted through email, the use of any other platform will not be accepted.

Delivery & Delivery Fees:

The client understands that all assets created or provided by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. will not be available for delivery or pick-up until the full amount of the project has been received by Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd.

Each product/service has a lead time of 3-7 working days after payment or deposit has been received but not limited to.

If the client rushes Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. to meet a deadline and the client fails to sign-off, the client will be liable and be held responsible for any mistakes or defects in the product/item or service rendered by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd.

Please make sure someone is at the delivery address to collect the parcel, otherwise, extra delivery costs may be charged to you.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. and/or the courier company cannot and will not be held responsible for incorrect delivery addresses given, please make sure the delivery address is 100% correct.

Defective Items, Returns, & Reimbursements:

If the client is dissatisfied with their purchase due to a defect, the client may return the item to Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. within 3 days of delivery, by the same delivery method which the parcel was received.

The product/item will be repaired or replaced, depending on the situation.

In the case of a damaged, defected or incorrect item having been delivered, Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. will evaluate each case and the product/item will be replaced and the new or correct product/item will be delivered.

Any products/items sent back because of a dissatisfying issue with the product/item or any other reason can incur additional cost towards the client, if the product is investigated and no faults were found or if the client signed-off on the product/item that was received by the client.

Making Payment:

When making your payment, please be sure to use your quotation/invoice reference as the beneficiary reference, so that your order can be processed as quickly as possible.

The client understands that when they pay for the work created by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd, the client is only paying for the final product and not for the source material as well, the source material will remain the intellectual property of Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd.

Late Payment:

Failure to make payments on time without written prior notice to Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may result in additional late fees.

Email correspondence between the client and Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd constitutes “in writing”.

A late fee of 10% of the amount invoiced will be added to the initial invoice every calendar month that payment is not received.

All services rendered by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. to the client may be stopped immediately in the event of late or non-payment.

Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. may refuse to render any future services to slow/late payers.


Failure to make payments may subject the client to possible legal action for Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. to collect on any outstanding balances.

Any legal fees incurred by Lilac Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd. during this process will become the responsibility of the client.

Acceptance of Terms:

By accepting any quotations or invoices from Lime Studio (Pty) Ltd., the client agrees they have read, understood, and are considered legally bound to all these above-mentioned terms.

Terms and Conditions last updated on 14-09-2020.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.